The Ephemeral Fantastic thing about Significant Coincidences

The 2 major meanings of significant within the time period significant coincidences are: What does this imply for me personally? And what does this synchronicity inform me in regards to the nature of actuality?

The Many Sensible Makes use of of Significant Coincidences

Shocking concurrent occasions assist us make choices, soothe grief, and tighten connections. They assist us discover jobs, wanted assist, data, concepts, and might foster psychological, interpersonal, and spiritual development. (Beitman, 2016, 2022) They are often useful throughout psychotherapy.

They typically set off the query—what does this imply for my future? This query is particularly prone to happen within the context of a brand new relationship.

The Many Explanations of Significant Coincidences

Explanations depend upon private beliefs in regards to the nature of actuality. My analysis means that the commonest rationalization is God/destiny and the second commonest is probability/likelihood. These are adopted by “human minds are interconnected” and “minds are linked to the environment (Coleman, Beitman & Celebi, 2009)

Some coincidences merely draw us into the second and are stunning as they’re. In these synchronicities, use and rationalization are tied collectively. Their use is that they stir marvel and awe within the second, like a sundown over the ocean. Their rationalization is that every one we actually have is the current second of now. A private expertise will illustrate this type of meaningfulness in a coincidence.

The Rock, the Masculine, the Female and Inside GPS

A sequence of significant coincidences happened lately between a visitor on my podcast and me. What may the that means be?

I used to be watching the swiftly flowing creek close to my home sculpting one explicit rock with its present. Wanting intently on the rock, I noticed two photographs: a camel and the Hebrew letter Resh. Within the historical wisdom described within the E-book of Thoth (Crowley, 1972) the camel is related to the Excessive Priestess and Resh is related to the Solar. On the rock, the Divine Female, represented by the Excessive Priestess was mixing with the solar, which represents the Divine Masculine.

Nicole Frolick

Supply: with permission of Nicole Frolick

Two days later, Nicole Frolick was a visitor on my podcast Connecting with Coincidence. As an intuitive life coach, founding father of the Alchemy Academy, and prolific podcast host, she emphasizes harmonizing the masculine and female energies. The symbols on the rock within the creek mirrored considered one of her passions.

Nicole has additionally developed the thought of an “inner GPS” which helps us get to the place we have to be with out rationally understanding how we obtained there. In my latest guide, Significant Coincidences (2022), I dedicate a chapter titled “Human GPS” to the same thought.

In illustrating inner GPS, Nicole used a real-world instance much like one analysis psychologist Rex Stanford used whereas reporting on his analysis into this phenomenon. “As you’re driving, you could have the sturdy feeling to show sooner than typical.” Stanford did take the intuitive trace and missed an accident. Nicole didn’t observe her urge and was delayed in attending to her vacation spot. Her time period “inner GPS” appears to be extra correct than my time period, “human GPS” since non-humans even have inner GPS, as recommended by canine discovering their approach again to their house owners.

The coincidences opened the door for a doable future relationship. Will we stroll by means of collectively not directly? Or not? So I made a decision to ask Nicole what that means she noticed.

Nicole replied: “Kismet. An attractive candy second.” (Jung used the time period “numinous”.)


The frequent seek for synchronicity as a information to the longer term wants to incorporate a recognition that some coincidence will spotlight the second we stay in.

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